What kind of headphones are best for gaming?

From hobby to profession, the gaming industry has evolved a lot. To make competitive gaming better, brands like Razer, Corsair, Steelseries, Logitech, HyperX, etc. are coming up with top-notch gaming peripherals. 

There are high-precision gaming mice, keyboards, ultra-responsive gaming monitors, and whatnot. These gaming gears are, indeed, making gaming easy & better for us. There is one more thing that is adored by gamers and that is gaming headphones. 

When it comes to gaming, there are a lot of things that really matter. From gaming monitor to keyboard to mouse, everything needs to be in sync. Headphones also play a crucial role. Most of the games these days come with surround sound, which gives an immersive gaming experience. For making that immersive experience practical, you need gaming headphones. Gaming headphones are designed, tuned, and built for gamers. Most of the best-selling Gaming headphones come with a dedicated noise-canceling microphone, quick controls, 7.1 surround sound, and RGB that really makes gaming headphones distinct from regular headphones. 

Some gamers even use earphones for gaming but that is good for mobile gaming. If you are interested, you can take a look at the best earphones under 1000 in India. Not just that, you can find earphones in every price spectrum. Here are the best earphones under Rs. 2000 in India that makes total sense to mobile gamers as well as gaming on tabs. If you don't want fancy gaming headphones, you can also use these earphones for PC gaming as well. There is no harm after all.

You can get any headphones that can satisfy your need for great sound. You will find closed-back gaming headphones easily in the market that comes with dedicated Mic, volume & mic controls, DAC (in some high-end gaming headphones), RGB. On the other hand, few gamers also ask for open-back headphones for gaming. Open-back headphones are for audiophiles and professionals. There is no doubt that Open Back Headphones give you high-fidelity sound and gives you a premium sound experience. 

You can easily use them with gaming laptops that give the best sound experience on any game. But the problem with Open Back Headphones is that they are not designed for gamers. You will not find any open-back headphones with a microphone. If you are playing FPS online games, you need to communicate with your teammate. The absence of a microphone will not allow you to communicate. Moreover, there is no RGB on Open back headphones, I personally don't like RGB much, but if you like, that's another aspect that we miss on open-back headphones.

What is the best headphone for gaming then? You must be asking. You can get any headphones, you can even get open-back headphones for gaming but if you need a microphone, just make sure that the headphone is compatible with an external boom microphone else, get a dedicated mic setup. Here are some best open-back headphones for gaming https://x2.games/open-back-headphones-for-gaming/ that you can consider including in your gaming setup. Otherwise, there are dedicated gaming headphones that come with a mic. You can get a USB microphone that will give you professional voice output and more controls. Here are the best USB microphones for gaming that you can get. To make this easy for you, take a look at the best microphones for gaming that you can get for your professional gaming desk. 

You might also be confused between wired and wireless headphones for gaming. Both are great but both come with its pros and cons. Here is the difference between with wired and wireless gaming headphones.

The dedicated gaming headphones are the best option to get if you don't want to spend extra on mic setup but if you need premium sound and you only want open-back headphones, you can use them but they are not built for gaming. Dedicated gaming headphones with mic https://x2.games/best-gaming-headphones-with-mic/ are the best kind of headphones that you can use for gaming. You will find a huge variety of gaming headphones with a mic. You can get gaming headphones for $50 https://x2.games/best-gaming-headset-under-50/ as well as for $500. You will also find white gaming headsets, a gaming headset with or without RGB, and whatnot.